Love and Sex :Exploring the secrets of eden

An apple hit Newton, it was a great journey of discovery.

An apple hit a woman, the world went on an adventure.

It is like the springtime in the Garden of Eden, when everything flourishes and the branches grow green. Lust is particularly natural, flowing like water. The red forbidden fruit, sweet and fragrant, is handed to the woman by the man, his teeth cracking the skin to reveal the white inner flesh and the flow of juice.
Too much time has passed since the days of Adam and Eve, and man has left the Garden of Eden. Everything has changed, but the mystery of sex has not. Everything is so wonderful:
  1. Why does a channel being accessed feel pleasurable?
  2. Is there really a G-spot?
  3. Why do action movie actors look so happy, but I feel ordinary?
The first question we are not able to answer, just as scientists are not able to understand the wonderful clitoris even now. However, the last two questions, we can give you some references that can make your sex more pleasurable.

The G-spot was first proposed by Ernst Gräfenberg, a German obstetrician and gynecologist, and is named in honor of his discovery that the "G" is the first letter of Dr. Gräfenberg's name. The G-spot is located on the anterior vaginal wall, at the midpoint of the line between the symphysis pubis and the cervix, near the neck of the bladder. It is said that women who are stimulated to the G-spot become excited and ejaculate, which is also known as the mysterious orgasm.

Unfortunately, no conclusive evidence has been found in current experimental investigations. Examination of the anterior vaginal lining shows that there are no more nerve endings here.

The existence of the G-spot may be in doubt, but the female orgasm does exist. Women can have orgasms that last longer than men (about 20 seconds on average). And there is no male sage moment, where multiple orgasms can be obtained through further stimulation.

The female orgasm is precious and magnificent.

One study shows that only about 30% of women have ever had an orgasm, and how regrettable that 2/3 of women are unable to feel true pleasure during sex.

Maybe in our free time we can explore our bodies first. Everyone is so different, there may not be a universal G-spot, but there is a unique G-spot for you.

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It's like the answer to the 3rd question, "Why do action actors look so happy and I feel average?" The answer is the same. People need to learn in order to gain knowledge, so they need to learn in order to gain physical knowledge.

Action actors are professionals, they are in an erotic space, fully prepared for pleasure (lubricated) and know every inch of themselves: which angle is the most beautiful, which skin is the most sensitive, which position is the most pleasant. Add to that a good rival and a little acting.

We can also pick a good rival for ourselves, and it need not be a man either.

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